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Compare our pricing and service to all others and it’s clear that Genuine is like no other. Growing to over four hundred properties in just four years is proof we got it right (true story).

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How Genuine Property Management Can Help You

The goal of a property management company is to save you time, money, and stress when dealing with prospects, tenants, and maintenance and repair issues. Too many landlords end up wasting time and money, feeling stressed about the company they work with. Genuine Property Management, however, is one of the most innovative and value-driven property management companies in Orange County. You can rely on our team to screen potential tenants, market your rental, avoid potential legal issues, and take care of maintenance and repairs.

To attract quality tenants, we market homes that are safe, functional, and clean. We make sure that they could be considered hotel-room ready. We do this without long-term contracts to tie you in, ensuring that we always deliver our best service every time you need us. Here are a few ways that we are different from the rest.

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What are our fees and what is included in our property management services in Orange County?

We provide full service residential and commercial property management in Orange County. We charge 7% for homes, 6.5% for two to four units, 6% for five or more units, and 5% for commercial property management. We keep it simple and pack a lot of services and value into everything we do to ensure the most return on your investment. 

We also keep it fair. On that note, we do not have junk-fees, such as those charged by other Orange County property management companies. These “junk fees” include things like fees like marking up marketing fees, repair requests and invoice markups, lease renewals, key copies, credit card usage fees, bill pay fees, termination fees and even fees for smoke alarm batteries. Fees can eat away at your income, and they sure add up at year-end. We have avoided “junk fees” to keep our pricing fair and straightforward.

Our all-encompassing management services include marketing, administration, education, finance, legal services and more. We also provide total transparency by using AppFolio property management software. We use a fully-featured and completely unlocked version of this best-rated software, which alone with all its features and services costs $3,500 per month, allowing us to offer significant advantages to our residents and landlords.

At the end of each month and fiscal year, we provided you with a full statement of your finances with copies of invoices paid on your behalf such as plumbing, landscaping, HOA, mortgage, etc. You always know who, when, and what we paid with complete transparency. 

When comparing property management services and fees, be sure you’re comparing apples to apples or you may just end up with a pickle.

What do we charge to find a quality tenant?

We charge just 35% of one month’s rent to inspect and prepare the property for rent, provide exceptional photos and 3-D virtual tour, listing on thirty websites, provide 24-7 leasing call center, and screen applicants of the highest standards to ensure a quality tenant.

Once again, all of these rental property management services in Orange County are yours for only 35% of one month’s rent. There is no additional vacancy management fee, and if the tenant moves out before the end of the lease, we will replace the tenant free of charge.

Do we offer a 100% money-back guarantee?

One of the best ways to demonstrate confidence in a business is to offer a no risk guarantee, and what is better than a 100% money-back guarantee? We want you to have peace of mind, so we give you sixty days to decide whether you are satisfied with our rental property management services. 

Let us know within sixty days if you are dissatisfied, and we will refund any fees that you paid to us in full. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with our services, you can simply walk away and lose nothing. There is no catch as we are committed to your needs and believe that you will be so pleased with our rental property management services for years to come.

What is our stance on long-term management contracts?

Orange County property management landlords have made it clear that they do not want to be locked down by long-term contracts. So, if you decide that you no longer want our rental property management services, we allow you to cancel – anytime – no strings attached.

Take a look around and you’ll be hard-pressed to find another Orange County property management company offering month-to-month management deal. We do this because we believe in what we do, and we are dedicated to keeping you by our merits and value, not by contracts. Our firm provides rental property management to over four hundred rental properties in Orange County throughout, and we are looking forward to our continued growth by offering exceptional skill and dedication to satisfying your needs.

Additional information about everything we do

When the tenant has been in the property for 90 days, we will perform a visual property inspection on the entire interior. We will check on things like how many people are in the property, whether or not there are signs of a pet, and how the property is being cared for and is it sanitary. We also check smoke alarms and CO alarms to comply with California law, and a detailed report will note signs of wear and tear, or excessive property damage with pictures where relevant. If the situation needs a remedy, we will provide it. This detailed report is emailed to you as well for your review and understanding.

When your tenants have a repair concern or for after hour emergencies, they can call our 24/7 repair center, or they can choose to submit requests from their tenants’ portal. If the repair required is under $500 for a single item, we will handle it without bothering you. If the single item repair costs more than $500, we will contact you with details and ask for approval. Rest assured that if the situation is urgent, we will act quickly to remedy the situation and inform you of what steps we took and why.

In addition, we will never charge upfront for preparing documents, marketing, lead placement, or onboarding. We will not ask for payment until you receive your rent check and deposit. This means that we are committed to your success and we are not satisfied until you are.

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If you want to rent your property without the hassle of dealing with the tenant, finding a tenant, and handling property-related issues, including repairs, you are going to love working with us. We can handle both residential property management and commercial property management, so there is no type of property we cannot handle. You will find our rates are value-driven, reasonable and our service impeccable. Genuine Property Management is excited to start working with you, and we look forward to hearing from you soon about your Orange County property management needs.

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