We don’t encourage our residents to do repairs. However, some things are so easy that you may decide to Do It Yourself (DIY). Below are videos showing you how easy some fixes can be – saving time and money.


Garbage Disposal Not Working
Clearing Drains
Treat Smelly Sink
Running Toilet
When To Change Your Refrigerator Water Filter
How to Find The Main Water Shut-Off Valve

Reset GFI Outlets
Breaker Reset
Light Bulb Stuck
Light Bulb Stuck in Recessed Light

Align Sensors
Open Manually

Heating & AC
How To Replace The Filter
Thermostat Batteries

Lubricate Keyhole and Locks
Locked Out – Break In Tip

Our obligatory disclaimer
Home repairs can be inherently risky and dangerous. Accidents can happen with power tools, plumbing, electricity, ladders, and more. Serious injuries and even death can occur if you don’t take the proper precautions. Remember, what might be safe for one person under certain circumstances may not be safe for you under different circumstances. What we’re saying is don’t try anything you learn about here (or elsewhere) unless you’re certain it’s safe for you. Please be careful, your well being is what’s most important.