We strive for better maintenance, marketing, accounting, and legal understanding (and a bit of sanity). If you can find a company that provides greater value – hire them.

Service Model

Our unique coworking vendor environment increases collaboration, efficiency and savings for you. It’s brilliant! Learn more on our Answers page.

No Long-Term Contract

No one wants long-term contracts, so we got rid of them. We’re the only month-to-month property manager in Orange County. We feel we need to earn your business everyday.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We realize landlords may be skittish about trusting a stranger, so a money back guarantee helps to ease minds… No other company puts their money on the line.

24-Hour Leasing Call Center

We answer the phone 24/7 to pre-qualify renters before scheduling showings. Our rentals in Orange County sooner with our around-the-clock service.

Great Descriptions

Every listing has creative descriptions to capture tenant interest. Being truthful, yet colorful, generates interest and reduces vacancy periods – putting more rent money in your pocket.

Professional Photos

Renters decide with their eyes, so our great photos and 360-degree video tours are listed on Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, Homes, and Apartments.com plus 25 others for the most exposure.

360 Video Tours

Renters love walking the house with their mouse! Amazingly, no other company spends the money to provide tenants with a quality 360 tour. Click here to view the magic.

Pet Screening

Most Orange County rentals allow pets, so we do more than look at cute photos. We use a third party pet screening service verifying age, breed, health, service training, medical history, etc…

Automatic Renter Insurance

​All renters are required to have renter’s insurance. If they don’t have it, we add them to a liability-only policy (that they pay for). Renter’s can also buy a policy in their Tenant Portal anytime.

Repair Surveys

To ensure all repairs are done timely and to tenants satisfaction, we send every tenant a quick survey after each repair. Our require service providers to be timely, friendly, and professional at all times.

Online Rent and Proceeds

Rent is paid with online bank transfer, credit card or check. Rent proceeds are paid on the 10th of each month by ACH transfer. Of course, we can always mail you a check too.

Owner Portal

You get your own secure, online portal to access all statements, documents, income and contributions. Your portal provides complete transparency, so you have everything at all times.

Same Day Deposits

All rent checks are deposited same day using our remote deposit machine. Sure, we get rubber checks, but when we do, we know about it fast so we can bounce back faster!

24-Hour Maintenance Center

Delayed repairs is the number one reason tenants move. So, our 24/7 repair center is always there to protect your Orange County rental property (like Batman, but different). We like happy renters.

When Buying or Selling

When you use our sister company, Classic Realty, we’ll give you 20% of the seller paid commission when you buy – and we’ll list properties for just 1.5%. Click here for more info.


Every year we study over 125 property management companies in Orange County to compare us to them (so now, you don’t have to). We know we provide the best service and value – period.

Bright Mind Benefits

Everything is about controlling costs and maximizing your income. Our great marketing, tenant screening, client care and operational efficiencies all work together to benefit you – our landlord.

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