Our team is larger than the average company with just under 400 properties under management, but we feel it’s important to ensure we have the resources to provide great service while managing growth.  Of course, we’re not perfect, but we try to be!

Marcel Ford

The Coach
Leader, Educator & Cheerleader
Hobbies: family, boating and telling bad jokes
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Claudia Zimmermann

Classically Correct Claudia, VP Accounting
Her acclaimed arithmatic abilities ensures accurate accounting
Hobbies: fitness, beaches and happiness




Matt Kosman

  As A Matter of Fact Matt, Senior VP Maintenance
Never a Fictitious Repair Fee – Just The Facts
Hobbies: family, camping and maybe a hole in one… someday!

Joey Desana

Jamazing Joey, VP Maintenance
A great mind ensures repair requests stay on track
Hobbies: karaoke star and animal expressions

Javier Mendez

Inspector Gadget, VP Property Inspections
No hair nor flea is overlooked by his extra large right eye
Hobbies: kids, movie night and praying for better mileage

Megan Hedges

Move’Em In Megan, VP Leasing
Leasing Extraordinaire
Hobbies: hikes, bikes and kites

Catherine Yutuc

Calm, Collected Catherine, VP Property Management
Working hard for residents and landlords
Hobbies: inspires to lounge better and be carb-free

Brenda Cai

Lead Extraordinaire, VP Lead Gen
Sharing Our Benefits – Fueling Our Growth
Hobbies: classical piano, harp and yoga

Damon Burris

Special Agent Burris, VP Buying & Selling
Providing value with our sister-company, Classic Realty
Hobbies: a seven day work week