Our team is larger than most with just over four hundred properties, but we need to ensure we have the resources to provide great service to all – and we don’t focus on profitability – as that comes later. And, yes, we’re not perfect, but we try to be!

Marcel Ford

The Big Fish
Leader, educator & cheerleader
Hobbies: family, boating and telling bad jokes
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Tony Khamos

Tony The Tiger Cub, VP Accounting
Experience runs dollar deep and penny wide
Hobbies: soccer, parenting and a bit more soccer




Matt Kosman

As A Matter of Fact Matt, Senior VP Maintenance
Never a fictitious repair fee – just the facts
Hobbies: family, camping and maybe a hole in one… someday!

Joey Besana

Jamazing Joey, VP Maintenance
A sharp mind ensures repair requests stay on track
Hobbies: karaoke star and animal expressions

Javier Mendez

Inspector Gadget, VP Property Inspections
No leak nor flea is overlooked by his extra large right eye
Hobbies: kids, movie night and praying for better mileage

Megan Hedges

Move’Em In Megan, VP Leasing
Our leasing extraordinaire
Hobbies: hikes, bikes and kites

Catherine Yutuc

Calm, Collected Catherine, VP Property Management
Working hard for residents and smart for landlords
Hobbies: inspires to lounge better and live carb-free

Madison Watrous

Bring it on Madison, Assistant Property Manager
Can handle any task with her magic shell phone!
Hobbies: Tennis, Jigsaw Puzzles and Cooking

Brenda Cai

Our Lead Machine, VP Marketing
Sharing our benefits – Creating our growth
Hobbies: classical piano, harp, guitar and yoga

Damon Burris

Special Agent Burris 017, VP Realty
Providing value with our sister-company, Classic Realty
Hobbies: a seven day work week and repeat