We’re not a perfect company, but we may be the closest thing to it. We strive for professionalism and happiness every day.

Marcel Ford

The Coach
Leader, Educator & Cheerleader
Hobbies: family, boating and telling bad jokes
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Claudia Zimmermann

Classically Correct Claudia, VP Accounting
Her acclaimed arithmetic abilities ensures accurate accounting
Hobbies: fitness, beaches and happiness




Matt Kosman

  As A Matter of Fact Matt, Senior VP Maintenance
Never a Fictitious Repair Fee – Just The Facts
Hobbies: Family, Camping and Maybe A Hole In One Someday!

Joey Besana

Jamazing Joey, VP Maintenance
A great mind ensures repair requests stay on track
Hobbies: karaoke star and animal expressions

Megan Hedges

Move’Em In Megan, VP Leasing
Leasing Extraordinaire
Hobbies: hikes, bikes and kites

Priscilla Munoz

Precise Priscilla, VP Operations
Ensures all office tasks are correct and on track
Hobbies: distant travels and coffee connoisseur

Alyssa Williams

Miss Eye Spy, VP Inspections
Providing Inspections For Peace of Mind To All
Hobbies: family, travels and kicking doors in

Damon Burris

Special Agent Burris, VP Property Sales
Sleuthing landlord value with our sister-company, Classic Realty
Hobbies: a seven day work week