Tenants love unscrupulous attorneys, the simplicity of small claims court in an ever growing tenant friendly state… Sometimes landlords feel like second class citizens and end up getting stuck with small claim or petty law suit judgements.

So what can a landlord do to avoid the three most common lawsuits filed by tenants? Basically, be fair, be square, and try to settle disputes quickly. Here are the top three reasons tenants sue landlords:

Security deposit deductions
Most damage tends to be everyday wear and tear, yet many landlords over deduct for nail holes, scuffs, chips, carpet wear, etc. Be sure to calculate correctly and deduct properly for the remaining life of paint, carpet and appliances.

Delayed repairs
Tenants can deduct the cost of repairs from rent and may even break the lease – plus may be able to get inconvenience compensation in court. Delayed repairs is the number one reason why tenants move thus creating vacancies – the massive vacuum sound of cash flow! So take care of the property and the property will take care of you.

Discrimination claims
Nearly 25% of unfair housing claims are based on some form of income, familial, race, handicap or age discrimination. Treat everyone the same at all times and avoid comments that may be considered discriminatory from a tenants perspective.

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