Sounds like a good idea right… market early to rent early?

Yet this is not always the case. Here’s some reasons why we don’t pre-show properties…

Help… I can’t see! 
It’s kind of like selling a car; we need the fries gone, vents cleaned, engine power washed, and the bugs off the windshield. If a property for rent doesn’t look like it’s in “hotel room clean” condition and everything is in good order and functioning, the result is poor representation with low showing-to-application ratios and the property managers time is wasted – that we could have shown truly rent-ready Orange County rental property that will rent simply sooner.

Unmet expectations and misrepresentations
So we approved a tenant and it’s move in day… YAHOO! But now the property isn’t what they were expecting as expectations often vary between landlord and resident. The resident was promised cream not white walls, carpets don’t look right and now want new carpet, a new appliance doesn’t match, etc. all giving the tenant reason to cancel the lease or complain all the way to the bank to try to void their cashier’s check. When a property is truly rent-ready we simply state “what you see is – what you get – and that’s it.”

Bad first impression
Move in day is generally a happy day. We all want our tenants to be happy tenants. By following simple protocols, we can avoid disappointment and create a great first impression.

However, if can pre-market the property and collect leads, we just won’t show it until the vacant rental property is truly rent ready. So when we show properties it is ready to move into and what they say is what they got!