Most particularly, the more aware Orange County Property management companies are always looking to mitigate liability on every level – and there are many, many levels with tenants.

One way to keep everyone out of a legal nightmare is to ensure the new tenants receive a brand new set keys – ensuring their safety and property security. Although it may seem like a common sense thing to do, it’s often overlooked by most landlords.

Anyone would find it hard to sleep at night knowing that someone out there might have a key to the front, side or garage door.

Even though the tenants moving out are required to return all keys, it does not eliminate the possibility that a friend, weird family member, or unfriendly neighbor doesn’t have an extra key.

We re-key after the tenant moves out and again after all the repairs are done and just before the new tenant moves in ensuring your property is protected and the new tenant is safe.

Although rekeying is not free, it’s very cheap insurance to provide safety, security and peace of mind to all… and to all a good night!