It’s 2019 and landlords are seeing their “For Rent” perhaps signs up longer than anticipated. This is when we loves to show off our marketing, skills and leasing team to fill vacancies and maintain rent values to maximize the landlord’s income.

But not all landlord’s are ready to hire a property management company in Orange County quite yet, so here are some tips to get your rental property rented sooner.

Curbside appeal – the exterior of your property is the first thing potential renters are going to see. We suggest replace worn light fixtures, remove anything old looking and replacing any dead landscape with fresh plants and flowers and spread bark chips bare spots. Lighting up the front house lights and inside lights when vacant attracts renters as no one likes dark or dim places and it helps ward off thieves.

New energy efficient utilities are appreciated by the chefs in the house and turn out to be a big win/win. You save money on repairs and your tenants get the satisfaction of higher efficiency, cleaner clothes, whiter dishes, etc. If you’re an apartment owner, replacing existing shower heads to low-flow shower heads can save up to $75 a year (and it is now a law) and the savings just go up from there when you pay attention to the details.

Services: Hiring a property management in Orange County comes with perks such as a proven service provider list so you know the work will be done on time and for a fair price. Tenants will appreciate the quality repairs too when professionals are hired.

Rent rate: To ensure our tenants are getting fair market value, your Orange County property management company will look at the rent rates in the area and compare condition, location and floor plan to determine the right price to decrease the vacancy period.

Fair Housing: Now this won’t get your vacant property rented sooner, but paying attention to the seven discrimination classes can save you tens of thousands in legal fees which is like ten years of opportunity cash flow. Emotional Support Animals also are a heated legal topic with fake renters calling waiting for you to give the wrong answers.