Wondering why your house isn’t renting?

Renters can see exaggerated or misleading language from a mile away. We’ve compiled a list of words that may be scaring your potential applicants away.

Words to Avoid in Rental Listings are:

Clean: This arouses suspicion–people assume the apartment will be clean, so what’s wrong with it that this is a major selling point?

Cheap: Cheap has two meanings. The price should speak for itself – so be sure to not undermine the quality of your unit by focusing too much on the value.

Penthouse: Is it really a penthouse or is it just on the top floor? Don’t give renters the impression that the entire listing is a fluff ball or you’ll lose trust.

Modern: This is over used and overly subjective. If parts of the unit were recently renovated, just say so and use a thesaurus to get ideas for suitable words.

Original: They’ll read this as “has never been updated.” So be sure to say that it is well kept, vintage, etc. to ensure that the home is in good condition and not just old.

Cozy or Charming: These words scream “tiny.” Some applicants are okay with a smaller space if it’s in a desirable location. So list the square footage and location, post flattering, truthful pictures, and let them decide for themselves if it is too small.

Eclectic or Unique: This translates to “expect to see something you’ve never seen before…” like a toilet in the kitchen with green tiles. Paint a mentally appealing picture in the reader’s mind rather than proclaiming that it’s one-of-a-kind without elaborating too much.

In summary, it can be tempting to try to create universally appealing listings. In the end, however, it’s better to avoid being misleading as you’ll increase your chances of finding the perfect, happier tenant from the start. Being honest, clear and specific makes for a better representation of your property for rent.

Ultimately, always speak with a property manager in Orange County as they will have the expertise that may be invaluable in crafting effective rental descriptions to fill vacancies sooner and most likely share a fair rental report with you.