Location-location-location still reigns as the king for orange county rentals, but curb appeal is the close queen influencer on perception of value. So if want more potential tenants to apply for your rental property here are tips to improve a tenant’s first impression and hopefully a lasting one too.

Order a dumpster from your city’s waste management company or a service like 800-Got-Junk to haul off old outdoor furniture, dead foliage, old wood, and anything else that doesn’t “improve” the ascetics of the home. If it doesn’t improve it – haul it. And never leave behind any personal items such as ladders, hoses, cleaning supplies, etc. as they are all a liability.

Installing an irrigation system is a must for rental properties. If this is not feasible, install plants that require little water (as we do live in a desert!) and you won’t want have to hire a gardener to maintain it, and have fun designing a beautiful design.

Pavement: Repair cracks or holes in paved areas or resurfaced. Repair sidewalks or add gravel, large pavers or anything that provides a welcoming, safe “walking” environment. Trip and falls suits always win in court.

Outdoor Lighting
Low watt landscape lights are inexpensive and add aesthetic value and added security. Put lights around the garden keeping them symmetrical and your rental home safe and an increased welcome home feeling.

Wash the exterior
Pressure wash the exterior as it will make a big difference. Mold and mildew can build up so gradually you don’t notice it happening, but renters compare homes like renting a car and they tend not to choose Ugly Duck Car Rental.

Spruce up the entrance
Install decorative railings, banisters, repaint worn front doors with new hardware, and cover the porch floor with safe ceramic tile or flagstone.

Doing these simple things will increase a tenant’s initial curb-appeal interest and increase showings. Obviously, it is important that the inside looks as good as the outside too.